Natural Landscape Boulders

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Landscape boulders can create a dynamic impact on any landscape. They can be used to divert foot traffic and vehicle traffic or large retaining walls. One area where landscape boulders can create the most dramatic impact is when they are used in the construction of either swimming pool waterfall features to further create a unique, natural setting.

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Sandstone Landscape Boulders

These types of boulders offer an overall natural color, and have been mined straight from the ground so they come in many different shapes and sizes. This gives them a less weathered appearance compared to moss landscape boulders, which have been exposed to the elements.

These boulders are perfect for a variety of landscaping situations including:

  • Boundaries – these are ideal to establish boundaries and can look incredible while serving a functional purpose
  • Enhance existing features – landscape boulders are ideal for enhancing flower beds or creating a more relaxing pool area
  • Construct water features – water features are also an ideal way to make use of these gorgeous boulders
  • Soil erosion – if your property is on a sloping landscape, landscape boulders are an ideal way to build a natural retaining wall to help prevent erosion
  • Privacy – landscape boulders can be used to construct walls to help maintain privacy around your boundary

Sandstone boulders are also ideal for creating water features or placing around a pool area, as they give a more cave like feeling. Sandstone boulders can also come in a wide range of colors that can enable you to mix or match these to add further detail to your placement. Colors include:

  • Moss Rock
  • Brown
  • White
  • Sand Stone Red
  • Tan & Brown

Moss Rock Landscape Boulders

Natural Landscape Boulder Supplier

Moss rock boulders are large sandstone boulders that have moss growing on all sides for a more natural look. Normally, moss will continue to grow on these boulders if they remain in shaded areas, although if exposed to the sun, the moss may diminish.

Like sandstone boulders, these types of landscape boulders are also ideal for creating walls, preventing soil erosion, and can also be used to highlight areas that do not get a lot of natural sunlight such as entrance gates or any other area where moss would be able to grow.

No matter which type of landscape boulder you choose, they can make a dramatic statement for any lawn or garden.

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