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Texas Stone Direct aims to be your natural stone distributors of choice when it comes to all your stone needs. No matter if your entrance is the entrance to a neighborhood or the entrance to a private residence or business, TSD supplies a wide variety of natural stone types that can make sure you leave a lasting impression on visitors.

We want to be the number one choice for natural stone distributors, so give us a call and find out sets us out above the competition. Our stone supply representatives are ready to take your call at 512-280-7800 and provide you with a free quote to have your natural stone products delivered!

Natural Stone for All of Your Landscaping Needs

We can supply a variety of types of stone that can be used for many different landscaping and entrance stone applications. This includes:

  • Large Boulders: As natural stone distributors, we can supply custom carved landscape boulders with your address or logo, which can add personalization and flare to your home or place of business. This is an easy and unique way to make your space your own.
  • Address Blocks: There is no more timeless and original way to show off your address than to have your address block carved out of natural stone. We prefer to use Grey Lueders or Cream limestone for these applications, as the amount of veining is minimal and will not detract from the carving. We typically supply address blocks on standard 8” x 11” stones, but as one of the premier natural stone distributors, any other custom size or shape is available to meet your needs.
  • Door Entries: To add elegance to any doorway, the natural stone distributors at TSD can supply stone entries that are hand carved from our standard designs or from a custom design you provide us. To show the quality of the stone, TSD recommends Grey Lueders and Cream limestone as this stone shows minimal veining and will not take away from your design features.
  • Keystones: When combining archways into your entrance design, the use of keystones not only gives a smooth line to the curve of the archway, they also serve the purpose of adding strength to your structure. As one of the region’s top natural stone distributors, our craftsmen hand carve these from Cream Limestone and Grey Lueders to compliment rest of your entrance designs.
  • Entrance Gates: If you are looking for trustworthy natural stone distributors for entrance gates, Texas Stone Direct has everything you need. We can supply dry stack, sawn chop, or regular chop in Sandstone, Lueders, Limestone, or flagstone. This can enable you to construct anything from gate walls to security buildings, monuments, archways, or drive thru gateways.
Entrance Stones | Natural Stone Distributors

Custom Natural Stone Distributors

As with any good natural stone distributors, TSD can supply natural stone in standard sizes, or in any custom size you require. Depending on which natural stone you select, you have many textures and color options at your disposal such as:

Flagstone – rough face in:

  • Tan
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Weathered
  • Sandstone
  • White

Dry stack – supplied with a cut or natural face

Sawn Chop & Regular Chop in:

  • White Lime Stone
  • Cream Lime Stone
  • Gray
  • Nicotine
  • Tan Lueders
  • Brown Sandstone

As with any project where you wish to project an element of distinction, natural stone can be your best choice. Many natural stone distributors offer either limited ranges or cast stone as an alternative to real craftsmanship and natural stone. Although these may look good at the start, there is no way they can compete with natural stone, which provides durability and ease of maintenance for decades to come.

Contact Our Wholesale Natural Stone Distributors in Texas

Texas Stone Direct only provides quality stone for any of your entrance stone requirements. We are not just natural stone distributors, we deliver directly from the quarry to the destination of your choice with our in-house transportation in order to provide you with the most competitive pricing available. Give us a call at 512-280-7800 to speak to our stone supply representatives or to request a quote for wholesale entrance stone delivery!