Natural Stone FAQs

Why should I order natural stone from Texas Stone Direct?

Natural Stone Supplier

We have strong long-term relationships with all of our natural stone quarries, allowing us to provide you with high quality natural stone at very competitive pricing. We can deliver nationwide directly from our quarries located in Texas and Oklahoma while saving you money thanks to our in-house transportation entity. We specialize in all common sizes and can custom cut any stone to your requirements. For any home builders, developers, or landscaping companies, TSD can be your one stop shop for all your natural stone bulk orders.

How is my order shipped to me?

TSD uses its own delivery vehicles in order to provide fast, trustworthy shipping at a low cost. All natural stone deliveries are done on flatbed trucks and all orders are palletized for delivery. As we have our own fleet, we know the vehicles are loaded and unloaded correctly and the risk of damage in transit is greatly reduced. Delivery can also be scheduled at the time you require it, and will not be delayed by a third-party delivery system. By delivering directly from the quarry to the destination, we are also able to pass any cost savings back to our customers.

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Where does your natural stone come from?

We represent over two dozen natural stone quarries in Texas and Oklahoma.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a delivery?
As we deliver directly from the quarry, to your job, delivery can be made within a few days – although in busy periods, it is advisable to order your natural stone slightly earlier.

Is there a minimum order size?

While we are flexible with minimum order sizes, full truckloads are shipped 24tons per load.

How heavy is each pallet?

Pallets are loaded with approx..  2 tons of stone, we ship 24 tons as a full truckload.

Types of Natural Stone

What is dry stack?

Dry stack is a not a type of natural stone, rather it is a technique used by the stone mason to make the stone appear to be stacked not mortared.

What is thin veneer stone?

Thin veneer is a natural stone, which has been sawed to approximately 1′ thick. Thin veneer is designed to be used in areas where the aesthetics of natural stone is desired, but weight or space is an issue.

What is chopped stone?

Chopped Stone is natural stone cut into rectangles. These rectangles will generally be approximately 4” thick and allow them to be used on a standard 5 1/2" brick ledge. The face of most chopped stone is between 4" and 8" in height and the length will be random, usually ranging from 12" and upwards.

What is a moss boulder?

Moss boulders are a natural stone that has been quarried from the surface of the earth. When exposed to air and moisture moss grows on the surface. Moss rock is quarried in many different sizes.

How can I learn more or place an order?

For any questions that are not answered here or for a free quote on a wholesale order of natural stone, give us a call! You can reach our natural stone supply company at 512-280-7800.