Patio Stones / Flagstone

Natural stone is one of the most attractive and timeless materials used by landscapers, contractors, architects, and homeowners. With many stone types available, there is an endless supply of design possibilities, which allow you to add your own personality and color combinations that can transform any project into a work of art. Texas Stone Direct carries a wide variety of patio flagstone in different styles and surfaces that can make your landscape visions become a reality.

Patio Stones | Texas Stone Supplier

All of the natural patio flagstone supplied by Texas Stone Direct are made from the same high-quality quarry direct stone as all of our other stone products, the only difference being the sizes in which they come in. Our patio stones offer a slit face and range between 1” to 3“in thickness. If 1” thick Oklahoma flagstone is used, this will give a coverage of 130 to 135 square feet of coverage per ton, if 2” thick Oklahoma flagstone is used, the coverage will be 85 to 90 square feet of coverage per ton, and if 3” thick stone is used, the coverage will be between 75 to 80 square feet per ton.

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Benefits of Patio flagstone

When our natural patio flagstones are used in building a patio area, they can help create a personal and unique outdoor living space that is both warm and welcoming.

All of the patio flagstone we supply have the same aesthetic qualities as our other natural stone products and can be used in almost any area that requires a level surface. Due to the nature and flexibility of the patio stones we supply, they can be used to create unique patio or outdoor dining areas, walkways, parking areas, and even waterfalls.

Texas Patio Stones

Natural patio flagstone offer a variety of aesthetic and functional benefits including:

  • Natural look
  • Durability
  • Can be laid dry for a permeable surface
  • Moss, grass, or a hardy ground cover can be grown between the stones
  • Rich color with natural variation

After you have decided on what sort of pattern you wish to make, there a variety of stone types and colors you can choose from. These include:

  • Autumn Blend Sandstone
  • Blue Berry
  • Oklahoma Peach
  • Oklahoma Select
  • Texas Mix
  • Rose Wood Strip
  • Weathered
  • West Texas Bone
  • White Split Face
  • Yellow Split Face

Patio flagstone can be laid and the gaps filled with either soil, sand, or mortar for a more permanent fixing or where furniture may be used. For any outside walkway or patio area, patio stones from Texas Stone Direct are a good choice as only the best quality of stone is chosen. Once installed, our stones will not only present you with a unique design but will provide many years of service and are very low maintenance.

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