Stone Fireplace Mantles and Surrounds

No home is complete without a cozy fireplace. The beauty of a real fire deserves nothing less than a real stone fireplace. Fireplace mantles from Texas Stone Direct will take your fireplace build to the next level.

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Stone Fireplace Mantles | Wholesale Builders Stone
Stone Fireplace Mantles & Surrounds | Texas Builders Stone

Benefits of Natural Stone Fireplace Mantles

When you order the high-quality stone that TSD uses for our stone fireplace mantles, you always get the following benefits:


When you order from TSD, you are assured of top quality stone that has been quarried and handcrafted directly by our quarry partners, which adds an element of superiority compared to the bland and uninspiring fireplaces and stone fireplace mantles that have been created from cheaper materials such as fabricated stone or concrete surrounds.

Lasting Quality

It is impossible to sing the praises of stone fireplace mantles without mentioning their incredible durability. When your fireplace is created from the finest limestone that TSD has to offer, the stone’s beauty will only increase over time, making it a great investment.

Custom Made

The stone fireplace mantles and fireplaces supplied by TSD are only created from quality stone. If you are looking for an element of personalization where our large range of standard designs do not fit, TSD can take your specifications or designs and have our craftsmen custom carve the stone fireplace mantle and surround to your liking.

Added Benefits

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, a natural stone fireplace mantle can bring a couple of extra benefits:

  • Natural stone can complement your interior design and can be customized to fit the character of the home.
  • Natural stone fireplaces are safer. As they are self-supporting, there is less chance of them falling or collapsing. This is unlike other types of fireplaces that are unable to support themselves and require fasting to the wall.
  • Stone fireplace mantles are designed to naturally catch any smoke or embers that may be released from your fire.
Stone Fireplace Mantles | Builders Stone Supplier
Texas Stone Fireplace Mantles | Builders Stone Supplier

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If you are looking for the highest quality stone fireplace mantles and surrounds, look no further than Texas Stone Direct. Our stone supply company has been supplying our customers nationwide for many years. We proudly ship across the country using our in house fleet, and we specialize in serving Austin, TX;  San Antonio, TX; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Lubbock, TX; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Kansas City; Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas and California. Contact us today online or at 512-280-7800.