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Texas Stone Direct sources quality builders and masonry stone directly from the stone quarry delivered direct to our customers nationwide.  Natural stone not only looks great, it is a more durable alternative to many building materials. Contact our stone supply company today to request a quote or to learn more about the Texas and Oklahoma stone we offer!

Our relationships with quarries throughout Texas and Oklahoma, TSD can source and supply a wide range of natural stone types direct from the stone quarry to you the customer.

Texas Sandstone

 Texas sandstone is cut direct from the stone quarry. Available in many colors, including tan, brown, Autumn Blend, Chocolate, Honey Gold, and red, it offers a durable and aesthetically pleasing look that is ideal for many architectural applications. The installation process for sandstone is easy and only requires the use of Portland lime or mortar that will bond to any prepared surface.

Texas Limestone

Limestone is a versatile stone, it can be cut to meet any specific size and shape. Unlike many other types of stone, limestone has the ability to withstand frequent weather changes and can be used where a much heavier stone cannot. Limestone can also give an appearance of elegance and help to increase the value of your property. It’s great look and durability has made Limestone the choice of builders for decades.

Lueders Limestone

Stone Quarry in Texas

The stone known as Lueders, has become nationally known. Due to the density and capabilities to withstand extreme temperatures (cold or hot), this stone is becoming more popular. Also, the truly unique colors such as Charcoal Blue, Antique, Cream, Gray Buff, and Tan are some of the options for our customers. Lueders Limestone is best known for its color range distinctiveness and durability.

Lueders Limestone is the perfect choice for your residential or commercial building project. This natural stone has proven to be a cost effective building product because of its durability and low maintenance requirements. It cannot be duplicated or surpassed by synthetic stone imitations, but is a product formed by time that will only get better with age.


Pool deck material that is frequently considered is flagstone, a common term for any type of flat slab of natural paving, like the Oklahoma stone that is used to build pool decks. Rich in earth-toned colors and textures, this type of stone is ideal for around a pool because it has a non-slip surface, resists moisture and heat, and can withstand constant use.

Quarried all over the world, flagstone is low maintenance because of its highly dense makeup and will usually hold up for years. Easily installed, this material is the choice of those who like a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and who also want a one-of-a-kind creation.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Thin Stone Veneer starts with the same high quality, all natural building materials, then we cut both flat and corner shapes to produce real natural thin veneer stone at a real value. Why use fake (‘manufactured’, ‘architectural’, ‘engineered’, or ‘cultured’) stone, when you can use genuine stone?

Texas Stone Quarry

Natural thin stone veneer is created using the same high quality, full thickness stone and processed through special diamond bladed saws to cut off the outside layer. This produces veneers with nominal thicknesses of 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches at an average weight of 10 to 15 lbs/sq.ft. (depending on stone selection). Recent breakthroughs in stone manufacturing technology also enables us to create 90 degree corner pieces. Using these pieces gives you the benefit of using real natural thin stone, while preserving the appearance of full thickness veneer.

Thin veneer creates a major weigh loss over the entirety of a wall. In fact, you will see that it comes out to about one third (1/3) of the weight that builder’s grade comes to. For example, 1 ton (2000 lbs) of builder’s grade will cover approximately 40 sq feet while 1 ton of thin veneer stone will cover approximately 120 to 130 square feet. This makes it a top choice for interiors, above the roof applications and any area where weight is a factor. Natural stone thin veneer will also save on space. This is great for rocking areas above and below counter tops where space can be an issue.

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Texas Stone Direct specializes in the above types of stone and has built a strong working relationship with our Texas and Oklahoma stone quarries that supply use.

With our strategically placed stone quarries throughout the state of Texas and Oklahoma as well as our larger purchasing power and the use of our own transportation entity, we are able to offer a competitive price on your stone orders. When you need bulk stone delivered nationwide, contact our stone wholesalers online or by phone to request a quote.