Thin Stone Veneer

Texas Stone Direct’s natural thin stone veneer brings with it all the elegance of real stone, giving any building or business a natural look and feel. Why use fake, manufactured stone when you can use the real thing for an affordable price? Stone veneer can be used for a variety of projects both for the interior of a building or for an exterior project.

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Why Use Natural Thin Stone Veneer?

When working with natural stone veneer, you will be choosing one of the most durable materials available with a finish that in most cases is unachievable by anything that is manufactured or man-made.

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Stone veneer brings many benefits when used in a building project:

  • Durable and long lasting – While many think that brick is a more durable option, thin stone veneer lasts just as long and is very low maintenance once installed, making it a timeless choice for any building construction.
  • Lightweight – Not only can stone veneer be delivered easier, it is quick and easy to work with so projects can be completed faster. Due to lightness in weight, it can be an ideal finish on walls where there may be load concerns. As an example, 1 ton of thin stone veneer gives 120 to 130 square feet of coverage, compared to builders grade stone which will only give around 40 square feet of coverage.
  • Natural look – Natural thin stone veneer is a great way to achieve a rustic or natural look and feel. Additionally, with veneer there is no discoloration with age apart from the natural color of the stone from which it has been cut.
  • Budget-friendly – Stone veneer is highly affordable. In some cases, it can be as much as 3 times less as other alternatives – and with the speed of installation, labor costs can be greatly reduced.

How it is Made?

The natural thin stone veneer that TSD supplies is created by taking our quarried high-quality, full thickness stone and processing it using state of the art diamond-bladed saws. These cut the outside layer off the original block of stone. Once cut, our stone veneer ranges between 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches in thickness, which makes is a great alternative to builders grade stone, especially if space or weight is of a concern.

With recent breakthroughs in technology, TSD is also able to create thin stone veneer 90-degree corner pieces. By implementing these into your project, you gain all the benefits of real natural thin stone, while keeping the appearance of using full thickness stone.

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Colors and Cuts Available

We offer wholesale thin stone veneer in the following colors:

  • Limestone
  • Lueders
  • Oklahoma
  • West Texas Stone
  • Shell Stone

In addition to these color choices, we offer thin stone veneer with the following types of cut:

  • Regular Chop
  • Flagstone
  • Saw Chop 4” – 6” – 8”
  • Ledgestone

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As you can see, thin stone veneer is a great option to complete any project. Being both durable and lightweight, it is an ideal choice for a full accent wall as well as above or below counter tops. It is also a great option for any exterior applications. With thin stone veneer being lightweight, cost effective, and bringing with it all the natural beauty of real stone, why would you ever consider manufactured, engineered or cultured products?

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