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Texas Stone Direct has the quality Texas limestone you are looking for, at competitive prices! Through our partnerships with quarries throughout Texas and Oklahoma, we can supply a variety of colors and can help you find the right stone for your project. Contact our stone supply company today and save even more money thanks to our quarry direct pricing and in-house transportation!

What is Limestone?

Texas limestone is a sedimentary rock that is comprised of tiny fragments of coral, mollusks, and other marine organisms, and its major components are calcite, aragonite, and calcium carbonate. Limestone has a very uniform texture, and unlike a lot of other types of stone, limestone has very few pores which can allow moisture to penetrate. Like sandstone, Texas limestone has the ability to withstand repetitive freeze and thaw from extreme weather patterns.

Benefits and Uses of Texas Limestone

Limestone has been used as a building material for many thousands of years and was only replaced by manmade alternatives. In recent times, Texas limestone has made a comeback thanks to people’s desire for more aesthetic appearances that fabricated stone products are not able to offer. It has become recognized worldwide as a premier dimension stone due to its uniformity of texture and grade.

Some of the main benefits include that Texas limestone:

  • Naturally weathers with age and as the colors blend it forms a natural patina
  • Is a cheaper alternative to many solid stone types
  • Is as durable and strong as concrete
  • Offers a very low maintenance natural solution

Texas Limestone Suppliers

Limestone is a highly versatile material and although it may have an initial higher cost than manufacture stone, the low-maintenance aspect makes it a great long-term investment. Houses that are built using limestone are highly resistant to wear and weathering. Texas limestone is a beneficial building material used inside or outside the home, and living spaces which comprise the use of limestone can help protect from the harsh elements of winter and the high temperatures of summer.

Texas limestone is an ideal building material for ideal for a variety of architectural and landscaping uses. As a natural stone, limestone can blend into its surroundings while also enhancing the beauty of a home and increasing its value. It can come in a variety of different colors such as:

  • Austin Brown
  • Blue Marble
  • Texas Mix
  • Charcoal Blend
  • Cream
  • Tan Blend Mix
  • Flagstone Tan Mix

Some limestone formations can also include formation banding, which is the inclusion of crystalline structures in bands throughout the stone. With the colored banding, you have a near endless supply of options to choose from when creating your designs.

Why Buy Wholesale Limestone from Texas Stone Direct

As our Texas limestone is quarried locally, it can be cut to any shape or size you require, this makes it available for use in many building applications including pavers, veneers, or full sized blocks for construction. Texas limestone is also an ideal material when used to build internal or external fireplaces, archways, corridors, entryways, patios, courtyards, and more. We deliver all stone direct from the quarry using our company owned trucking fleet, saving you time and money while ensuring the best quality.

Our relationships with over a dozen stone quarries in the area allow us to provide quality Texas limestone at wholesale prices that will not break the bank. To learn more or get a quote for your bulk order, contact our stone supply company today and speak to one of our representatives.