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At Texas Stone Direct, we offer competitive pricing on bulk Texas sandstone for your construction project. We supply all types, cuts, and colors of sandstone to meet any need. We represent over two dozen quarries in Texas and Oklahoma, so we can always find the perfect stone for your specific requirements. Contact our stone supply company online or by calling 512-280-7800 to place an order or request a quote.

What Is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, which is composed of sand-sized rock grains and minerals, mainly quartz and feldspar, which are two of the most common minerals of the earth’s crust.

Due to the many varying compositions of sandstone’s construction, it can come in many different colors including:

  • Autumn Blend
  • Chocolate
  • Texas Mix
  • Honey Gold
  • Blended Flagstone
  • Desert Tan
  • Brown

As sandstone is in such an abundant supply around the world, many visible cliffs and natural caves can be found which are comprised of this type of stone.

Benefits of Texas Sandstone

Texas sandstone is known for its high durability and because of this has been used in construction in for many years. It has the ability to withstand the effects of acid rain and other corrosive substances that occur naturally. Texas sandstone is also strong enough to withstand continual freeze and thaw weather patterns.

In addition to these two characteristics, Texas sandstone provides many other benefits when used as a construction material:

  • Can come in a large variety of forms, shapes, colors, and designs
  • Sandstone is suitable for both residential and commercial projects
  • The natural colors of sandstone radiate heat during winter and are cool during the summer
  • Texas sandstone can easily be sealed to further protect it against corrosion and accumulated moisture
  • The colors available make it easy to blend into any other décor
  • Well known to be strong and durable
  • Texas sandstone requires minimal maintenance and if damaged, it can easily be replaced

Sandstone also has many characteristics and benefits associated with each color. For example:

  • Light grey, beige, cream, and white sandstone is often accompanied with red or purple lines, these decorative and beautiful colors are normally used when making statues or sculptures
  • Yellow sandstone is resistant to sea spray and acidic water
  • Pink and red sandstone contain a natural non-slip surface and are resilient to weathering
  • Chocolate, auburn, and dark brown sandstone have a high content of iron oxide and can hide smudges and stains

Texas Sandstone Uses

Many people love the authentic and rustic appearance that sandstone provides. This can make it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor construction projects as well as an ideal choice for landscaping stone.

Texas Sandstone Direct from the Quarry

Due to its versatile nature and ease of use, Texas sandstone makes it easy to incorporate into both interior and exterior design projects. You can find Texas sandstone being used for pavers, thin stone veneer, interior or exterior walls, and fireplaces. Sandstones natural temperature properties make it a perfect choice for many architectural projects. In fact, many people have seen a reduction in their overall utility bills when they have a home constructed with sandstone.

Texas sandstone is also a leading choice of material for professional landscapers. As sandstone has a high resistance to water and a high durability, it is ideal for designing outdoor living areas and for constructing garden borders, water features, and corrosion resistant walkways. Texas sandstone is also ideal for driveways, balconies, walkways, and patios and with the multitude of colors available it is easy to create a unique design for your project.

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