Window Sill Stone

Natural window sill stone is a great choice to add an accent to any window or to enhance the design of your building. Apart from adding detail, window sill stones also serve a couple of other purposes. Due to their strength, they can help support the entire weight of the window frame, while their main purpose is to divert rain away from the wall that sits beneath. The window sill stone options supplied by Texas Stone Direct is not just pleasing to look at, it performs its function better than many other options available.

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Benefits of Natural Window Sill Stone

While natural stone window sills can enhance the look of any building, choosing natural stone for your window sill stones, allows you to enjoy the following benefits for decades to come:

  • Thanks to durability and strength, the stone will act as a support for the rest of the window
  • Natural stones do not warp and buckle in extreme weather fluctuations
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Resistant to airborne contaminants
  • Will not discolor due to sunlight or other weather conditions

At Texas Stone Direct, our window sill stones are cut from the same high quality natural stone that can be found at any of our Texas quarries. These can be hand carved to create a thing of beauty that can accent and blend into any type of construction project. As our all our architectural stone is extremely durable, all that is required to maintain the natural beauty, is water and in some cases a coat of sealant to help preserve the beauty.

Window Sill Stone Supplier
Wholesale Window Sill Stone | Texas Stone Direct

We can supply window sill stones of all styles, including those that are custom made from any stone variety. Our stones are typically sawn on the top and bottom with chopped or all natural edging. This in itself sets them apart from any manufactured alternative that you can buy, which at the end of the day, just gives the appearance of concrete and is in no way as durable. Our window sill stone not only looks good; it can also help increase the value of any residence or commercial property where they have been fitted.

The natural window sill stones supplied by our stone quarry partners come in many varieties and are cut from the following stone types known for their unique attributes and appearances:

  • Grey Lueders
  • Austin Cream Limestone
  • Shell Limestone
  • Cordova Cream Limestone

Internal Window Sill Stone

Not only can external windows benefit from stone window sills, any internal window that has a deep window recess can also be highlighted by stone. This can transform any the space and is much more durable than the wood or plastic that is more commonly used.

Kitchens and bathrooms are ideal locations where real natural stone can be a benefit for an internal window sill. Not only can any natural stone be chosen to blend in with the surrounding d├ęcor, but there is no chance of this rotting due to exposure to moisture or condensation.

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Texas Stone Direct can supply window sill stone in a variety of styles and sizes with a minimum of 6 inches in depth. Contact our stone supply company today to learn more and get a free quote to have your wholesale window sill stone order delivered nationwide!