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Whether your building homes or commercial jobs, the choice of materials is crucial to both aesthetics and longevity – and most often dictated by a budget. Many modern materials can be slightly cheaper and quicker to use in construction, but they will never bring the durability and beauty of using real stone. In addition to these factors, the use of architectural stone has many other added benefits you may not realize.

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Applications for Architectural Stone

Architectural stone can be used in adding an elegant touch to any property that will completely blend into the interior or exterior décor. With the four main types of architectural stone we supply, Texas Stone Direct is able to help you bring an element of class and distinction to your building projects.

Our main types of architectural stone include:

  • Builders Stone – As the main building blocks of your structure, builders stone can define the whole outlook of your property. These are available in many different stone types, with varying colors, cuts, and surfaces. By combining these variations, you can create a look that is suited to any individual taste.
  • Thin Stone Veneer – Thin stone veneer can be used for both exterior and interior applications, especially if space, weight, or cost is a concern. It can be used on walls as well as above and below kitchen work surfaces and can bring an elegant or rustic, outdoorsy feel to any project.
  • Window Sill Stones – These not only serve the purpose of keeping rainwater away from your wall, they can be used to support and highlight the window frames.
  • Stone Fireplace Mantles and Surrounds – A real fire has a mystic quality that invites and draws everyone closer. There is no better way to highlight this than with a natural stone fireplace mantle and surround that is custom designed to your exact requirements.
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Benefits of Architectural Stone

  • Durability – Natural architectural stone will outlast alternative building products such as wood, vinyl, brick, concrete, or manufactured stone. Additionally, when used in a building structure, natural stone is much safer.
  • Thermal Mass – Natural stone retains heat or cold and slowly releases it over time. In fact, there have been studies that show that homes and buildings built from natural stone have energy bills that are as much as 30% lower than those that use alternative materials.
  • Fire Retardant – You will rarely see properties built from stone burnt to the ground. While the non-stone elements may be damaged or destroyed, the stone is incredibly resistant to fire.
  • Mold Resistant – Because architectural stone resists the penetration of water, you do not have to worry about mold growing and the indoor air quality issues that come along with its presence.
  • Pest Free – Homes built from architectural stone have no appeal to termites, ants, and other pests that use wood or vinyl as food sources.
  • Low Maintenance – Architectural stone is easy to care for and clean, requiring very little maintenance.

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For all the reasons above, architectural stone is a great choice when building a property. The quality natural stone supplied by Texas Stone Direct can be a long-term investment and greatly increase the value of any property. If you are looking for quality bulk architectural stone supply at wholesale prices, give us a call at 512-280-7800 or use our convenient online form.