Retaining Wall Stones

There is nothing quite like retaining wall stones that brings with them beauty, permanence, and a touch of elegance to a retaining wall. Thanks to our partnership with several Texas stone quarries, Texas Stone Direct has one of the largest selections of retaining wall stones available in both dry stack or cut to the most common sizes. Contact our stone supply company today to learn more and to request a quote to have your bulk retaining wall stone order delivered nationwide.

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Texas Retaining Wall Stones

What Is a Retaining Wall?

Simply put, a retaining wall is a wall designed to prevent erosion by holding back earth or water. Natural retaining wall stones bring unique landscaping elements as they can help blend both the vertical and horizontal areas of your property. Even when a retaining wall is constructed to perform a traditional role such as earth management, the initial structure can include planting areas, patios with built in seating and more. For example, a driveway can be cut into the sloping landscape that is lined on one side by retaining wall stones. Another example is a back yard where a level lawn or multi-level garden area is required and can be accessed via real natural stone steps.

Retaining walls can also be comprised of much smaller stones that serve to raise living spaces above the surrounding areas. Well designed and constructed retaining walls of this type can not only elevate planting areas to create an improved drainage system, but they can also create a natural seating wall. This is one option where dry stack retaining wall stones excel compared to sawn or chopped stone blocks.

At Texas Stone Direct, we supply retaining wall stones in many stone types, colors, sizes, and finishes. Therefore, these stones allow for endless possibilities for your landscaping projects. Common colors and styles include:

  • Cave Mix
  • Castle Rock
  • Sandstone – available chopped or sawn
  • Cream
  • Antique Lueders

With the option of chopped or sawn retaining wall stones, it is also possible to mix and match the sizes, which can further expand the design possibilities of your projects and increase wall strength.

Retaining Wall Stone Supplier in Texas
Retaining Wall Stones | Texas Wholesale Stone Supplier

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Natural stone retaining walls can be both aesthetic and functional, and can serve many uses in a landscape:

  • Privacy Fence – Retaining wall stones can be used as a base for a privacy fence around any lawn or landscape. Not only can it increase the height of your fence, but the fencing now sits on a level surface, rather than an undulating hillside. Additionally, property erosion can be eliminated and drainage can be controlled.
  • Earth Retaining Walls – Depending on the location of your property, managing hillsides or erosion can be a major concern. Not only will natural retaining wall stones look beautiful in any situation, they can provide the durability that is expected from the highest quality stone for many decades to come. Natural stone carries the double benefits of being low maintenance once installed, and can dramatically increase the value of your property.

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