Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are quarried and cut from the same quality stone that Texas Stone Direct uses for all of our products. The only major difference between pavers and patio stone is that pavers are cut so they can form a more geometric pattern rather than a natural shape, and generally have a thickness of 4”.

Stone pavers can be used in many areas, and once laid can add to the value of any property. Contact TSD today to speak with one of our stone supply representatives either online or by calling us at 512-280-7800.

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Stone Pavers | Texas Stone Supplier

Benefits of Natural Stone Pavers

Made from natural stone, quarried directly by our Texas partners, stone pavers bring with them many benefits compared to other man made alternatives:

  • Versatile: Natural stone pavers are extremely versatile and can be used in any vehicle traffic areas such as parking areas and driveways, or pedestrian areas such as pathways and patios.
  • Safe: Unlike concrete products, flagstone pavers have naturally non-slip and frost resistant surfaces, which makes them ideal around pool areas.
  • Low Maintenance & Durable: Natural stone is able to withstand heavy traffic use, heat, and is guaranteed not to crack like alternative concrete or manufactured products will over time.
  • Aesthetics: Natural stone brings with it a unique blend of colors and tones. The natural defects of stone are what enhances its beauty and makes it more appealing, and – unlike concrete products – natural stone pavers will not fade over time.
  • Sustainable: Natural stone products are more environmentally friendly than concrete alternatives. They are also one of the most sustainable materials on earth.
  • Curb Appeal: Natural stone brings a timeless beauty to whatever the application, and stone pavers are no exception. No matter where you are laying natural stone pavers, these will add curb appeal and value to a property and are a better long-term investment compared to concrete products.

Stone Pavers: Colors & Options

Natural stone pavers can be cut into many sizes including our standard layout designs or they can be cut to specific sizes for your own custom design. We offer designs such as:

  • Classic Roman Pattern
  • OPUS Pattern
  • Mosaic Pattern
  • French Pattern
  • Classic Versailles Pattern
  • Twin Mix Pattern
Texas Stone Paver Supplier
Natural Stone Pavers

There are many color options available that can also add another element of uniqueness to your designs, some of which include:

  • Tan Sandstone
  • Shell Stone
  • Cordova Cream
  • Grey Lueders
  • Oklahoma Multi Color
  • California Gold
  • Blue Charcoal

Two of the most common stone pavers are limestone and sandstone, and each of these has their own characteristics and benefits.

  • Limestone Pavers: Finely textured, limestone takes on a distinctive finish once it has been cut for stone pavers. Some of the more distinctive colors for limestone are Dark Grey, Blue Grey, Pale Grey, and Cream. Limestone also tends to be of a more even color compared to other stone. One concern with using limestone is that it is susceptible to the effects of acid rain, which can cause pitting over a long period of time.
  • Sandstone Pavers: This is one of the more common types of stone used for stone pavers. It is strong enough for any paving scenario, but is soft enough to be cut and shaped easier than other stone. Sandstone can come in some more common colors such as Blue Grey, Tan, Golden Cream, and Orange Brown. Unlike limestone, the coloring may change between each piece and there may be occasional bands or blotches, which only adds to the uniqueness of the stone.

Contact Us for Wholesale Flagstone Pavers

No matter the type you are looking for, TSD has a wide variety of high-quality sandstone, limestone, and flagstone pavers. Contact our stone supply company today online or by phone at 512-280-7800 to request a quote to have your bulk stone paver order delivered.