Wholesale Landscaping Stone

Landscaping stone can be used to accent a small part of a garden or completely transform an entire landscape. Texas Stone Direct is a wholesale landscaping stone provider that supply all of the landscaping stone you need at affordable prices – from large stones and boulders to accent a landscape, to flagstone and building stone that you can use for retaining walls, driveway entrances, or creating a stunning swimming pool masterpiece. For any project where landscaping stone is required by the truckload, contact our natural stone distributors as your one-stop-shop for source and delivery.

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Wholesale Landscaping Stone Suppliers
Wholesale Landscaping Stone | Texas Stone Suppliers

Patio Flagstones

Patio flagstone have the same aesthetic qualities as any other stone and can be used in almost any area where you require a level surface. The patio stone we supply can be used to create unique patios, outdoor dining areas, sprawling walkways, parking areas, and even small waterfalls. Shipped palletized to prevent breakage.

Retaining Wall Stones

 The most common use for landscaping stone is for retaining walls. While fully functional, retaining walls also add the aesthetic appeal of natural stone to any landscaping. The wholesale landscaping stone supplied by TSD can come cut to the most common sizes or in dry stack for a more natural look, and is available in many colors including:

  • Texas Mix
  • Castle Rock
  • Sandstone
  • Cream
  • Antique Lueders

Natural Landscape Boulders

No matter how large or small your design requirements, TSD can supply and deliver any size or style of landscape boulders. Landscape boulders are incredibly versatile, from defining your flowerbeds or enhancing a riverbed or stream, to creating water features or just adding a little more security for a property. TSD can source and supply both moss rock and sandstone boulders in the following colors:

  • Tan
  • Cream

Natural Boulders

  • Moss Rock Boulders
  • Sandstone Boulders
  • Tan & Brown

Entrance Stones

TSD can supply you with any landscaping stone to make the entrance on your project one of a kind. From walls to magnificent boulders, from monuments to monumental archways, TSD has all the stone, sizes, and colors you can ever need. We can supply wholesale landscaping stone in dry stack, sawn chop, or regular chop in Sandstone, Lueders, Limestone, or flagstone in many surface finishes and in the following colors:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Nicotine
  • Grey Lueders
  • Sandstone
  • Flagstone – rough face
  • Weathered
  • Red

Fireplace Stones

Add a touch of ambiance to any outdoor space with an outdoor fireplace. We supply a variety of stone for building custom outdoor fireplaces as well as custom cut mantles, surrounds, and other natural stones.

Wholesale Landscape Stone Suppliers
Texas Landscape Stone Suppliers

Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are quarried and cut from the same high-quality stone that TSD uses for all our stone products. The major difference between pavers and patio stone is pavers are cut so they can form a more geometric pattern rather than a natural shape, and generally have a thickness of 2”.

Request a Quote for Wholesale Landscaping Stone Delivery

All landscaping stone supplied by TSD is shipped directly from our local quarries in Texas and Oklahoma and palletized and transported by our own fleet of flatbed vehicles. This allows us to ensure the best bulk stone prices and can improve delivery times nationwide without the concern over damaged goods. All pallets are approximately 1 ton in weight and each truck has a capacity of 24 tons.

If you are looking for a trustworthy wholesale landscaping stone supply company, look no further than Texas Stone Direct! Give us a call at 512-280-7800 to get your free wholesale stone quote.